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Whether at Coca-Cola, Toyota, Johnson and Johnson, or many of the other hundreds of companies we’ve worked with over the years, the principles remain the same.  We help you establish values that form the core of every decision made within the organization, from top-level C level executives to brand new hires.

Are You Culture-Driven?

“Values are the Fundamental Building Blocks of Culture so Values-Based Organizations Tend to Be Culture-Driven.”
– John Waid, CEO, C3

Why is Being Values-Based a Competitive Advantage? 
In the image above KFC is Strategy-Driven and Chick-fil-A (CFA) is Culture-Driven.  The well defined culture CFA has means that everyone knows and lives the purpose, mission, values and principles of behavior of the company.  Why does this matter?  Great cultures are about predictable best practice behaviors (not just strategies, processes or systems).  Every employee at Chick-fil-A stores is hired and trained to act in a very predictable manner and to also execute great strategies and processes.  The bathrooms, and floors are always clean.  Every leader, manager and employee “smiles with teeth”, engages you in conversation and says “It’s my pleasure” after you say “thank you” everytime.  This does not happen at KFC, McDonald’s, Wendy’s or almost any other fast food chain.  This is why the CFA stores are full and why cars are wrapped around the parking lot.  

Most companies have predictable strategies and processes.  Few have predictable behaviors in their people.  This means Chick-fil-A outsells KFC 3 to 1 in 2015 and 5 to 1 in 2020 on a per store basis while being closed on Sunday’s.  CFA also outsells McDonald’s 2 to 1 per store and just became the 2nd largest fast-food chain in the world (based on total revenue) with less than half the stores.  CFA also outperforms all the other chains in almost every element and gets one of the highest CX (Customer Experience) ratings in the industry.  They also have a 95% employee retention rate.  Being Culture-Driven means that the culture drives the processes and strategies and not the other way around.  This is why “Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner” at Chick-fil-A. 

So why should you be Values/Culture-Driven?  Simply speaking would you rather be Chick-fil-A or KFC?

How do You Work on Culture? 
Companies and teams that want to be Culture-Driven start by keeping their Purpose, Mission, Values and Behaviors KISS (Keep it Short and Simple) and have them in writing, trained and lived.  In order for this to happen leaders need to change their mindsets and behaviors when it comes to culture from thinking it’s something they already do to making it a major facet of what they actually do.      

What Culture is Not?
Culture is not “ping-pong tables”, “happy hours”, and “lots of generic values on the wall.”  Culture is the purpose, mission, values and behaviors well thought out, written and lived everyday by everybody.  If you are looking for gimmicks this is not the place to come.  If you want real and lasting change with a values-based approach you have come to the right place. 

What is the Corporate Culture Consulting (C3)  Purpose?  “We Believe in Making People, Teams & Companies Better.”

What is the C3 Mission?  To be the “top of mind” Culture Company for working with teams and companies to become Culture-Driven. 

What are the C3 Values and Behaviors?  Since Culture is defined by values, we are values-based in our approach.  Our values are “Kind Heart”, “Humble Soul”, and “Driving Spirit.”  Everything in our behaviors is done with an emphasis on “Action” as the proposed culture isn’t just defined, it is lived.  We have the unique ability to work with you to define, document, train and live your culture.

What does C3 Deliver?  C3 delivers the proprietary “Culture-Driven Methodology” of consulting, training and coaching that defines, develops and deploys your company or team culture.  “Culture-Driven” is not just a process, it’s a belief, attitude, way of life and passion for us.  

Our team is comprised of 60+ Senior Consultants Worldwide.  These are the best Behavior Consultants in the world with the most comprehensive training in the field.  Our consultants know how to work on mindsets and behaviors to change perspectives and deliver sustainable culture and behavior change.


Corporate culture in a meeting

Why Focus on Culture?

Culture-Driven Teams and Companies outperform their peers with 4X more revenue, 3X more profit per employee and 50% better employee retention (according to a study done by Harvard Business School).  Culture-Driven Leaders put employees first, customers second and money third and actually make much more money.  This is good for all the stakeholders and this is the main reason why we recommend being Culture-driven

What is Culture?

Culture is the way people act based on the purpose, mission, values and principles of behavior the team and/or company stands for.  With only about 2% of companies having an on-purpose culture that everyone knows and lives, there is a lot of room for huge success if leaders, managers, employees, teams and companies embrace and start with culture.  

Man demonstrating corporate culture on an easel

Why Should Culture Be Your Priority?

If people take actions based on their team or company’s purpose, mission, core values and beliefs this will create consistent behavior patterns.  These behaviors will then be predictable and repeatable causing results to also be much more predictable.  This is a joy for leaders, managers, employees and all stock holders  who currently have inconsistent behaviors in their  teams or company causing problems and frustration.  

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