“We Believe Culture’s Impact on People and Profits is Powerful.
It’s the Lightning in a Bottle that Separates the Good from the Great.”
 ~ John Waid, CEO, C3

Why Does Culture Matter? 
Culture is the number one priority for successful leaders.  If your people do not want to follow your processes and strategies you will struggle with being successful.  Culture aligns values and behaviors so that people willingly work on processes and strategies.  This leads to better relationships and results internally and with customers/stakeholders.

How do You Work on Culture? 
Culture needs to be simplified, balanced, unique, documented, trained and energized for all your people to “be on the same page” as far as what is expected in their behaviors.  This is useful for any company or team (sales, service, finance, operations, engineering, accounting, marketing, etc.).  It is also critical to your brand as the brand is represented by your people.     

What is Culture?
It is the aligned values and behaviors of everyone in a team or organization.  Only about 5% of companies/teams have an on-purpose culture.  If you invest in having an on-purpose culture the “sky is the limit.”  Culture drives behavior and behavior drives results.  Culture is one of your most important, unique, and sustainable competitive advantages if you decide to make it so.

Our Purpose:  “We Believe in Making People, Teams & Companies Better.”

C3 delivers the proprietary “Culture-Driven Methodology” of consulting, training and coaching that defines, develops and deploys your company or team culture.  “Culture-Driven” is not just a process, it’s a belief, attitude, way of life and passion for us.  

Our team is comprised of the best Behavior Consultants in the world with the most comprehensive training in the field.  Our consultants know how to work on mindsets and behaviors to change perspectives and deliver sustainable culture and behavior change.

Our methodology is based on the KISS (Keep it Short and Simple) approach and phased training methodology that delivers sustainable results.  Since Culture is defined by values, we are values-based in our approach.  Our values are “Kind Heart”, “Humble Soul”, and “Driving Spirit.”  Everything is done with an emphasis on “Action” as the proposed culture isn’t just defined, it is lived.

You can see it and feel it.

Corporate culture in a meeting


Corporate Culture can help you live your company purpose and vision.  This can promote better teamwork, employee morale, and your company can offer a better place to work.


“Culture is what people do when no-one is looking.”

~ Herb Kelleher
Former CEO of Southwest Airlines

Man demonstrating corporate culture on an easel


People take actions based on their core values and beliefs.  The core values we hold come from the culture in which we exist.  The culture of your organization determines everything that happens within your organization.

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