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Inc Magazine says, very poignantly, that  “Company culture isn’t a project. Don’t treat it like one.”

We couldn’t agree more. We’re here not just to help with a corporate culture consultation, but to build a system, or even a system of systems, that are simple to understand and follow.

Any of the amazing consultants on this page can help you with much more than just a consultation, helping you build your organization into the powerful force you want it to be in the world.

Check out any of these consultants on their profiles below, or contact us here.

corporate culture consultation with John Waid

John Waid
USA, Canada, Latin America

CEO | Thought Leader | Facilitator | International Keynote Speaker | Author of the Culture-Driven Series of Books.linked in profile

Maria Jaén

The developer of leaders, individuals, teams and organizations.linked in profile


Anderson Hirst

A training professional, with vast experience in sales assessments and training.linked in profile

Jan Bouw

Jan Bouw

Owner of BIT – Business Impact Training. Go beyond corporate culture Consultation. linked in profile


Thomas Frühwein

Track record in developing B2B Salespeople, Start-Up Professionals, Project Managers, and Leadership.linked in profile

Corporate culture consultation with Per Cedergren

Per Cedergren

North America, Europe

Leadership training professional, with more than 25 years of experience in coaching and training international leaders, managers, management teams, as well as Sales Managers & Salesforces.
linked in profile

William Lee

William Lee
Asia, India

Canadian Chinese holds a Masters degree in Business Administration and previously worked as the General Manager for joint ventures in China in the early 90s.linked in profile

Adalberto Lopes

Adalberto Peres Lopes

I get excited about organizational challenges. I developing people & teams to achieve their goals. I’m here to help you with an initial corporate culture consultation, and much more.linked in profile

Martin Capelle

Martin Capelle

We respond to client needs where operational improvements demand behavior change at the individual, team and corporate levels.linked in profile

Thomas Kronberg

Thomas Kronberg

Founder and CEO at Permoveo Coaching AB. Member of the Corporate Culture Alliance.linked in profile

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