Our Mission & Values

Simplicity is key to a great mission, vision, values, and behaviors-based culture.

See below for ours.
Why Focus on Culture?

Culture-Driven Teams and Companies outperform their peers with 4X more revenue, 3X more profit per employee, and 50% better employee retention according to a study done by Harvard Business School. Culture-Driven Leaders put employees first, customers second, and money third and actually make much more money. This is good for all the stakeholders and this is the main reason why we recommend being Culture-driven.


What is Culture?

Culture is the way people act based on the purpose, mission, values, and principles of behavior the team and/or company stands for. With only about 2% of companies having an on-purpose culture that everyone knows and lives, there is a lot of room for huge success if leaders, managers, employees, teams, and companies embrace and start with culture.  

Why Should Culture Be Your Priority?

If people take actions based on their team or company’s purpose, mission, core values, and beliefs this will create consistent behavior patterns. These behaviors will then be predictable and repeatable, causing results to also be much more predictable. This is a joy for leaders, managers, employees, and all stock holders who currently have inconsistent behaviors in their teams or company causing problems and frustration.  


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