Whether at Coca-Cola, Toyota, Johnson and Johnson, or many of the other hundreds of companies we’ve worked with over the years, the principles remain the same.  We help you establish values that form the core of every decision made within the organization, from top-level C level executives to brand new hires. 
Through this process, we work to create culture driven people and processes that care for your operations, whether you’re in an up or down market. 
We have gathered some testimonials that speak to the quality and value of our work. We look forward to partnering with you!

C3 provides amazing executive leadership coaching!! I had the great privilege of working in their programs for two years and it was literally life changing for me. I frequently reflect on the experience and use it for guidance to lead my team and my family. Aside from being an amazing coach, they are also great teachers, trainers and amazing facilitators.

- Executive

I was in a Leadership Training for Managers during my time at the company, in early 2018. They delivered wisdom and knowledge I immediately was able to use in the leadership of my team. They care about people, and that serves as the foundation for their transformative work.

- VP

I had the opportunity to work with C3 recently and was incredibly impressed by their knowledge of leadership and its impact on the corporate culture of an organization. They have the ability of reaching leaders where they are and supporting the necessary change efforts to impact their teams and organizations.


C3 has consummate professionals who have provided me superlative leadership coaching during my 18-month leadership, coaching and management training program. They are experienced business professionals who led by example and through the teachings from their leadership experience in our industry.

- Regional Director

I had the privilege of attending the C3 management, and I cannot express how much I gained from it. They taught me how to better manage my time, connect with my customers, and develop meaningful relationships.

- National Director

I have worked with C3 in several different capacities, every time they over-exceeded my expectations. The training is laser focus and beyond beneficial. Their number one priority is helping people get to where they want to be!!

- Director

C3 is excellent at what they do. They connect very well with the people they work with and quickly understand the needs. I will be using C3, over and over again. My recommendation is to use C3 and let them help your organization.

- Senior Vice President

C3 has a great understanding of people and how interactions affect business culture. The techniques they teach are extremely effective in real world scenarios. I have thoroughly enjoyed their sessions and highly recommend them!

- Director

C3 provides great coaching, motivation, and mentorship. You can always expect critical feedback that helps pushes you to excel in all aspects of your personal and professional life.

- Area Vice President
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