what we do

We help create corporate culture-driven people and companies.

Our Mission is to stimulate real and lasting corporate culture change by instilling values and behaviors, which create organizations where people feel valued. We consult with leaders on mergers and acquisitions, changing corporate culture, working with different generations, training your leaders and people on culture, etc.

We also help answer the question:

“What is corporate culture and why should you start with it?”
  • We help develop your purpose and values
  • memorable
  • simple
  • powerful
  • backed by specific behaviors

We help with training and coaching on the implementation of your culture.

C3 provides a one-stop solution for companies/teams who want:

  • better teamwork
  • M&A
  • customer experience
  • sales
  • service
  • results
  • discretionary effort
  • excellent morale
  • strong drive
  • ever-present enthusiasm
  • and more.

We work to make your whole company culture driven, focusing on:

  • your “Big C” (Company Culture),
  • your “little c” (Team Culture)
  • and/or your “Individual C” with specific Culture-Driven Programs.
The Society for Human Resource managers has a great guide which delves into the importance of creating corporate culture within an organization.

they trust in our services

Whether at Coca-Cola, Toyota, Johnson and Johnson, or many of the other hundreds of companies we’ve worked with over the years, the principles remain the same.  We help you establish values that form the core of every decision made within the organization, from top-level C level executives to brand new hires. 

Through this process, we work to create culture driven people and processes that care for your operations, whether you’re in an up or down market.

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